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Learn the hawk - Stories of Kids : Eagle story

Learn the hawk - Stories of Kids

Stories of children: eagle teachings Once a hunter went to hunt in the forest. After much effort he caught an eagle in the trap.

On the way, when the hunter started carrying the eagle, the eagle said to the hunter, "Why are you going with me?"

The hunter said, "I'm going to kill you and take you to eat."

The eagle thought that now my death is certain. He just kept quiet for a while and then said something thinking, "Look, I have lived the life I wanted to live and now I am sure to die, but I have one last wish before I die."

"Tell me your wish?", The hunter asked curiously.

The eagle started telling-

Before I die, I want to give you two lessons, listen to it carefully and remember it forever.

The first lesson is that without proof of anything, do not believe without thinking.

And second is that if something is wrong with you or something is left out of your hand, never be sad for it.

The hunter listened to the eagle and started moving his way.

After some time, the eagle said to the hunter- "Shikari, tell me one thing… If I give you something that will make you rich overnight, will you free me?"

The hunter stopped immediately and said, "What's that, tell me fast?"

Baz said, "Actually, long ago I found a diamond close to the palace, which I picked up and kept it in a secret place. If I die today, that diamond will go to waste, so I thought that if you leave me instead, then my life will also be saved and your poor will also be lost forever. "

Eagle story

Hearing this, the hunter freed the eagle without thinking anything and asked him to bring the diamond.

The eagle immediately flew and sat on a tall tree tree and said, "Some time ago I had given you a lesson not to believe anyone's words immediately but you did not follow that lesson ... Actually, I have no one No diamond and now I am free.

Hearing this, the hunter started feeling sorry… Then the eagle said again, you forgot my second lesson that if something is wrong with you, you should never regret it.

Children, we learn from this story that we should not trust an unknown person easily and should not be sad about any loss or failure, but should learn from that and be alert in future.

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