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Don't ask, give the above to you-English Story For Kids

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Once upon a time, there was a goat. She lived very happily in her village. She was very sociable. Many goats were her friends. He had no enmity with anyone. She used to talk to everyone and treat everyone as her friend.

Everything was going well. But once that goat fell ill and due to this she gradually started becoming weak, so now she will spend the whole day at home. The food that the goat had already stored for himself, now it was also getting over.

One day some of his goat friends came to him to inquire about his condition, then this goat was very happy. She thought that she would get food from her friends for a few more days. But those goats stopped outside her house before coming in to meet her and her food started eating hay and kept in her courtyard.

Seeing this, now this goat felt very bad and understood what mistake he made in his life? Now she started thinking that I wish! Before making everyone a part and friend of his life, he would have tested them a little, so now there would be someone to help him in this disease.

Don't ask, give the above to you.

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